April 20: The Meta Burn Update

Hey Everyone,

So, it’s done. We’ve done the deed, burned some things and are now ready to talk about it.

The Meta Burn — and the Plot Twist

Originally, the plan for the burn was to destroy all artwork with rarity indexes of 11, 10 and 9, that is Commons and Rares. That would amount to 3693 burned tokens. We had come up with a funny little game for the Super Rares, so we wanted to spare them to play with them later. However, upon closer investigation it became clear that — due to the transferring costs — the mechanics of the game didn’t make much sense, so we decided to go ahead and burn all of our Super Rares, too.

Goodbye, Friends.
Gone, but not forgotten.

Legacy Collection and Buyback

As previously communicated, with the burn out of the way, we can now focus on our Legacy Collection. A quick reminder of what the Legacy Collection is to us: “for its Legacy Collection, the Institute will seek to have one of each of the original Unique pieces of the Original Block Collection”. So whichever original /2 /3 pieces we don’t have, we will bid on it to get it on the market.

  1. Our Power Auction pieces will be stored here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x0Bd222a26804c0Bb4eE10f8E95A371BbF1b42f31 — those are the additional original Unique pieces that we have on top of the ones needed for the Legacy Collection. So all /2s and /3s that we have more than one of. In the spirit of benefiting the community, as previously communicated, we will be selling them on 10 minute power auctions with a starting price of 0.01ETH. This will be communicated in advance, so everybody can have a chance to scoop them up cheap. (Note: the art is still on its way there. It’s a crazy gas day today with $100+ transfer cost per single NFT — we will wait for it to come down a bit).
  2. And finally our original address — https://etherscan.io/address/0x03180053dd710798041db050f747f852e22860fa — this is the smart contract owner, all art there is burned forever.

New Rarity and the Plot Twist

Ok, so on to the fun stuff.

Oh, wow.
Surviving the Burn



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