Let’s Talk About Block 0

Block 0, The Original Block Collection, 2021, Author Unknown
  1. Something truly unbelievable happened to make any of the following points possible
  2. As per the agreement, the Artist will remain anonymous in the Full Collection Premiere — and possibly forever
  3. If they ever choose to reveal their identity, they can only do that at a round million block. The next opportunity is block #13000000, which should happen around Aug 06 2021
  4. If that happens, the Institute will pay $1,000,000 to the Artist
  5. If we end up owning Block 0 in the Full Collection Premiere, the only way for us to sell it is for it to be worth more than the entire Original Block Collection
  6. It is entirely up to the Artist to make the decision for Blockchain Art Institute to sell
  7. The Artist’s lifetime sales figure is not featured on the appropriate section on the website
  8. The Artist’s wallet address is 0x13bEE89cDAB1bAd71d58d106FEc7e7451E4fE3d1



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Blockchain Art Institute

Blockchain Art Institute


Blockchain Art Institute is an institution born with a goal of immortalising our common blockchain history, one block at a time.