Let’s Talk About Block 0

Dear Fellow Collectors,

Please note that this is the only time we are allowed to discuss this piece. We will share all that we can and will not speak of it again until one of the trigger conditions are met.

So, here we are. With very little standing between now and the Full Collection Premiere, the experiment has almost run its full course. Understandably, the buyers are getting excited, the artists are getting excited, everyone’s getting excited and probably none more than ourselves.

Ever since we created the entire concept of the Original Block Collection, there were always two particular moments that we were looking forward to the most. One, obviously, happens on block 12147200 and we are all waiting for it, the countdown is there, we all get to see the art, a lot of you guys get really lucky, it’s going to be a happy Wednesday.

The other one is right now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Block 0:

Block 0, The Original Block Collection, 2021, Author Unknown

Long story short: there is an agreement between the Artist and the Institute that limits what may be communicated. Therefore, we are only allowed to share the following seven points about Block 0:

(but we are sharing eight, the first one is ours)

  1. Something truly unbelievable happened to make any of the following points possible

That is all that will ever be communicated on the Block 0 subject — that is, until the Artist(s) decide(s) otherwise. Which we will spend every second of every block wishing for.

Thank you for reading,

Your friends at Blockchain Art Institute



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Blockchain Art Institute is an institution born with a goal of immortalising our common blockchain history, one block at a time.