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2 min readMar 19, 2021



Around 675,000 bitcoin blocks ago, the world was forever changed by the birth of blockchain technology. Except for a few visionaries, almost nobody realised at the time the lengths and heights this would come to. A change so simple, quiet and missed by most, and yet, powerful enough to have changed the world in ways few would have predicted.

Today we can find ourselves in the middle of a historic change caused by what blockchain technology is bringing to the world. Quite a place to be — a swirl of events and emotions, moving at breakneck speed, challenging the status-quo and quite literally rewriting our common history. All of that using a simple invention of blocks.

In simple, factual terms, each block represents the ‘present’ and contains information about its past and future. Each time a block is completed it becomes part of the past and gives way to a new block in the blockchain. The completed block is a permanent record of transactions in the past and the new transactions are recorded in the current one.

However, it is so much more than that. Each block creates new memories, new events, new emotions — some more than others, a few more than most. Each couple of seconds, we have a verifiable, immortal piece of our common history and the incredible journey we are all lucky enough to be on, recorded, immutable, set in code, forever.

We at Blockchain Art Institute feel this is an unbelievably glorious reason to immortalise that in various art forms.

This is the primary reason for the creation of The Block Collection that we are unveiling to the world. We have invited numerous artists — both known and up and coming — to create a very special, one of a kind set of visual experiences representing block numbers, each marking something special in our crypto history.

We live in times where one medium can be expressed in another. A number can be an image, an image can be music, and a memory can live throughout all of those. We are celebrating that fact and the vastness of opportunity that lies before our natural creativity by creating experiences that will immortalise our shared memories, give them depth, meaning, and possibly value — one block at a time.

The original collection consists of a number of experiences and events forever recorded on the Ethereum chain. You will find there your favourite moments, perhaps events that you personally were involved in. You may even end up being an owner of something truly unique.

This is, however, an ongoing journey, hardly finished with one initiative. In recognising and celebrating the richness and vastness of the blockchain world around us, we will be pushing out a continuous effort to represent all blocks that matter in various art forms. New collections, new drops, new collaborations — we will have our hands quite full those coming months — and we believe you will, too.

We are merely scratching a surface of what’s possible here — and we’re all genuinely excited about what’s around the corner.



Blockchain Art Institute

Blockchain Art Institute is an institution born with a goal of immortalising our common blockchain history, one block at a time.