We Don’t Want Our NFTs.

Blockchain Art Institute
2 min readMar 30, 2021


So here’s the deal. We’re minting all unsold BAI tokens (technically not true, we‘re leaving a couple of them in the contract but it doesn’t matter for now) and getting ready for the tomorrow’s Full Collection Premiere.

We will soon be in possession of over 5500 BAI tokens. Nice, huh? Yeah. Feeling very whaley* at the moment. However, having all those tokens puts us in a very advantageous position for tomorrow’s reveal. As of now, we stand around 60% chance of getting all of the rare pieces out there, including Block 0 and all other beautiful pieces we have been teasing to you guys.

We feel it’s wrong.

The reason we’re doing this project is to push good art into the hands of good people. We don’t want to end up with our Crown Jewels. We want them to grow feathers, leave the nest and fly away — and to belong to you.

So here’s what’s going to happen now.

We are now, as we speak, putting unsold BAI on opensea.io in bundles at prices from base levels. This will be a time limited offer, FCFS event, we are pulling all tokens from the platform one hour before the reveal.

All tokens will be priced at 0.2 — sub Level 2 prices. We feel the people who found us in the first 12 hours of existence should be the only ones that have ever bought a BAI NFT for 0.11.

One type of bundle out there — get 20 BAI for 4 ETH. We’re putting 1000 pieces out there, so 50 bundles.

If nobody buys, that’s fine. We are good with having all those tokens to ourselves — ideally, we’d like for them to belong to the people more, so here’s our way of trying to do that.

We will revisit opensea in a couple of hours. If you guys like it, we’ll add more. If not, we’ll pull those still there.

Alright. Block 12147200 not far away now.

Tick-tock, people. Let’s see what happens.

Thank you,

Your friends at Blockchain Art Institute

*yes we know that’s not a word


About the Gentleman who bought 20 pieces for 20ETH like there’s no tomorrow, two things. One: wow. Second: if you are 0x6E4B2ae28066171c02D27cD51F133c807E9dbBD4 reach out to us — we might have a surprise.



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